• Legislators Address Education Issues

    The 2009 Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Capitol Conference, held in Austin, was an opportunity for more than 200 school board members and superintendents to hear what TASB Governmental Relations staff and state legislators had to say about education legislation this session.

    CISD Board President Cindy Warner, Vice-President Bennett Ratliff and trustee Anthony Hill attended the conference. They heard from Senator Steve Ogden and Representatives Diane Patrick, Rob Eissler, Scott Hochberg and Donna Howard on a variety of topics concerning this legislative session; including: Accountability, Voucher Bills, Special Education, Taxes, Personnel, Finance, and District Operations. As legislative liaisons for CISD, Board Members also made personal visits to individual legislators (including Senator Florence Shapiro) to ensure local issues, such as school funding, remain at the top of their agenda for this session.