• More SuperTeachers Recognized in CISD

    In round three of the new teacher recognition program “SuperTeachers,” Superintendent Dr. Jeff Turner identified 12 outstanding lessons being utilized by teachers throughout the district. The lessons provide students the opportunity to get actively involved in their learning and according to Dr. Turner, “I believe that we have the potential to be the BEST of a new breed of public schools, and I am excited to see the creative ways our teachers are engaging the learners.”
    The district's theme of student engagement provides the backdrop for this 21st century best practice by encouraging teachers to be the creators of 21st century lessons that engage students in the curriculum and help them go deeper into their own learning. Teachers receive a t-shirt, plaque, and are also treated to a special lunch with Dr. Turner where they can exchange ideas and share their lessons and instructional strategies with one another. Congratulations to the latest group of “SuperTeachers” who are setting the teaching standard in CISD:
    • Kelsey McKnight           DCE
    • Kelly Coleman               TCE
    • Sharon Danchak            TCE
    • Tammee Henderson       VRE
    • Rochelle Cowan             CMSE
    • Alicia Deranger              CMSE
    • Ryan Hill                       CMSE
    • Tess Haranda                CMSN
    • Anthony Poullard           CMSW
    • Angela Binder                CHS
    • Shane Bybee                 CHS
    • John Harris                    CHS
    Click here to read about their exciting lessons.