• CHS Launches No Phone Zone Challenge

    Texting while driving is rapidly becoming a national pastime in this technology driven age of multi-tasking, and the cost in lives lost as a result has spawned a grassroots effort that started earlier this year with “Oprah Winfrey Show” guest and neighboring Grapevine parent, Jennifer Smith.

    Jennifer's organization, Focus Driven: Advocates for Cell-Free Driving, has one goal: to spread the life saving message of the dangers of distracted driving, specifically text-messaging and cell-phone use (even hands-free devices) by making your car a “No-Phone-Zone.”

    Strategically timed with the recent Congressional passage of legislation calling for the month of April to be recognized as “Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” Coppell High School is partnering with Jennifer, Oprah, AT&T, legislators, and others in this student-driven service learning opportunity.

    This life-saving educational opportunity dubbed the “No-Phone-Zone Challenge” will kickoff at CHS, the “flagship” high school from Friday, April 9 - Thursday, April 15. Coppell High School students and staff will serve to model a paradigm shift in cultural perspective for overcoming this 21st Century addiction to media driven multi-tasking. CHS teacher and program facilitator Nicky Fryman envisions the model being used not only in schools but also in organizations and communities across America to promote and invoke public policy changes, programs, and personal responsibility for cell-phone-free and text-free driving. Wear a t-shirt. Take the pledge. Get in the zone. Save a life.

    For t-shirt information contact Elizabeth Adkins at eadkins@coppellisd.com or to find out how you can become involved as a volunteer or sponsor contact Nicky Fryman at nfryman@coppellisd.com Subject Line: No Phone Zone.