• Mockingbird - Nat'l. School of Character

    The Character Education Partnership (CEP) has named 20 public schools, 3 private schools, 1 charter school, and 1 school district as 2011 National Schools of Character (NSOC). Mockingbird Elementary, under the direction of Mrs. Pam Mitchell, was the only Texas school to receive this honorable designation.

    Sponsored by the CEP, the State and National Schools of Character award program identifies schools and districts that reach a standard of excellence (based on the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education) …at the state level they are named State Schools of Character and Mockingbird was so-named earlier this year. State Schools of Character hold that honor for three years.

    Those applications are then sent to CEP for evaluation at the national level. Once those standards are met, they are named a National School of Character, a five-year honor. NSCs become part of a national network and serve as mentors and models for other educators. There is no limit to how many schools can be named, but the application process is very rigorous. Texas had three state schools this year, but Mockingbird is the only one to receive the national award.

    "These schools have built strong communities that bring people together around shared goals," said Lara Maupin, NSOC Director. "Nobody feels alone or unwelcome in these schools. Adults are all on the same page about what's important and, as a result, kids thrive."

    Each year, CEP selects schools and districts that demonstrate through a rigorous evaluation process that their focus on character development has had a positive impact on academic achievement, student behavior, and school climate. Selected schools are then expected to serve as models for other schools, helping them to achieve the same results.

    CEP will honor the 2012 National Schools of Character at the National Forum on Character Education, to be held November 1 - 3 in Washington, DC.

    For more information about National Schools of Character and how schools can improve through high-quality character education, visit www.character.org.