• North Lake Update January 22, 2008

    The trial to set the price for the 125 acres CISD is condemning in the North Lake area is set to begin on September 8, 2008. Currently the judge has taken under advisement several appeals by the developer including a continuance of the trial date and CISD’s right to visit the property to inspect and test it for hazardous materials. A ruling on these and other issues brought forward by the developer is expected in the next several weeks. CISD is also in negotiations with the Billingsley’s on a weekly basis in an attempt to find a way to settle this ongoing and expensive disagreement. There will be a residential development on the North Lake property regardless of whether or not the citizens of Coppell agree, and this development will include students who are the responsibility of the district to educate. CISD is involved in this case to ensure that a quality education will continue to be provided to all students in the district.