• Five CISD Schools Make NCEA’s Higher Performing List

    The National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) recently announced its 2011 list of Higher
    Performing Schools.

    • Coppell High School
    • Coppell Middle School East
    • Coppell Middle School North
    • Coppell Middle School West
    • Valley Ranch Elementary

    The presence of schools on the list demonstrates Coppell ISD’s belief that all students are capable of graduating prepared for college and careers as well as their commitment to making it happen.

    According to the NCEA, higher performing schools meet one or both of the following criteria over the most recent three years: 1) students experience above-predicted growth based on a value-added analysis, or 2) above-predicted percentage of continuously enrolled students score at the Commended level on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Both measures identify schools that perform unusually well given the student demographics they serve. For a complete description of the analysis, visit www.nc4ea.org.