• CISD Takes a Stand Against Bullying

    CISD takes bullying very seriously. The district has been working on this issue through many avenues, but most recently with the help of the District Education Improvement Committee (DEIC). Through the DEIC's deep concern over bullying, the district adopted two strong anti-bullying and positive social interaction programs: R time and Negotiate.R time is a program designed for the elementary campuses and Negotiate is the middle school counterpart.

    According to the literature, these programs were “…developed with many aims in mind.In particular to enable children to create and develop positive, respectful relationships with their peers.”

    These programs assist students in:

    1. Making and maintaining friendships;
    2. Resolving conflict effectively and fairly;
    3. Solving problems;
    4. Working cooperatively;
    5. Recognizing their rights and standing up for their rights in a respectful manner; and
    6. Understanding and respecting the differences in others.

    The R time program was piloted last spring at Mockingbird Elementary, and the results have been impressive. CISD is now beginning to implement these programs at elementary and middle school campuses district-wide. Some campuses began implementation in September and October, and others will implement the programs in January.

    Campus principals and the entire district are dedicated to the goal of decreasing bullying and increasing positive social interaction. To learn more about R time and Negotiate, use the resources linked below.