• Outdoor Adventure and History Highlighted

    The Dallas Ecological Foundation is creating a new promotional DVD about their Outdoor Adventures program and new wildlife conservation curriculum and it will feature students from Coppell ISD. In this video, prospective students and staff across the country will be able to see an integration of outdoor learning and history working in tandem.

    Bill Parker, Coppell High School Physical Education and Outdoor Education teacher, said, “We have offered the Outdoor Education program at CHS for the past seven years and have watched it grow from 12 students in a single class period to over 100 in six sections. The classes are typically comprised of juniors and seniors and about 40 percent of the students enrolled are female.”

    Archery, camping skills, boater and hunter education, and orienteering will accompany the Foundation's new curriculum. In Texas, it incorporates the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for U.S. History, Government, Economics and Geography to address how Theodore Roosevelt and others established the current wildlife conservation programs for the United States. Terms like “democracy,” “activism,” and “progressivism” are used to promote the curriculum alongside Outdoor Adventures to tell the story about how wildlife in America was saved from extinction.

    According to CHS Social Studies Department Chair, Valerie Garnier, “So many subjects have natural ties to history and Outdoor Education is no exception. This offers an exciting way to engage students in learning historical content at a deeper level and, I am proud that our students have been asked to play such an integral role in this video.”

    The Foundation's project is set for completion by spring 2010. For more information about the Outdoor Education program offered at Coppell High School, visit www.coppellisd.com/chs.