• High Schools Get Ready for College Night

    According to the experts, now’s the perfect time for high school juniors and seniors to making college visits and talking with admissions staff and recruiters. This year, counselors from New Tech High @ Coppell and Coppell High School are making final plans to assist students in the college selection process by hosting a "College Night" a little closer to home on Thursday, September 15, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at CHS/Commons. It has been four years since CISD hosted such an event: beginning in 2008 CISD students were invited to attend the College Fair at the University of North Texas in Denton. The time, distance, and parking will be on the side of students and parents as CISD strives to serve them in the school district.

    So far, the response has been overwhelming! According to CHS Lead Counselor Debbie Fruithandler, "Over 170 colleges and universities from across Texas and the nation are planning to participate and students are encouraged to pre-register for the event at www.texascollegefairs.org. This pre-registration process generates a barcode students should print out and bring with them to the event. It will really speed up the amount of time students have to speak with the college representatives and provides quick, accurate information. It is also not a bad idea for students to have two or three questions ready to ask representatives...it will be very crowded."