• Coppell ISD Offers Educational Opportunity

    On Tuesday, September 14th, at 12 p.m. (CST), the President of the United States will address the nation's school children about the importance of education. Following last year's format, the President will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning in order to be competitive in the global marketplace. It is the decision of the Coppell Independent School District to offer both live and taped viewings of the speech making age appropriate connections between the speech and the grade level Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum as well as to the qualities of patriotism and responsible citizenship using Coppell ISD's own teaching materials.

    Parents may view the live broadcast at http://www.whitehouse.gov/back-to-school, watch it on the C-SPAN channel, or view a downloadable recording at https://www.coppellisd.com/ . If a student is in a secondary (grades 6 – 12) Social Studies-related course, at the time of the live broadcast, those parents will need to make a decision regarding their child's participation prior to the broadcast.

    We trust our great social studies teachers to lead whatever discussions are appropriate according to the TEKS and the age of their students.

    At the high school and middle school levels (grades 6-12), the President's speech will be aired live for those students who are in subject-appropriate classes (i.e. social studies, government, etc.) at the time of the live broadcast. A digitized recording may be viewed when appropriate during the remainder of the week. Parents will be given the opportunity to have their student “opt out” of the viewings by submitting a note to the main office by Monday, September 13th. The note must include the student's name, grade level, the name of their social studies/ government teacher, and signature of the parent or guardian (if student is under the age of 18). An age appropriate alternative activity will be provided to those students by their teacher and will not be penalized in any way.

    For the elementary grades (K-5), students will be viewing a digitized recording of the President's speech during their social studies lesson beginning Friday, September 17th, and thereafter. Teachers will review their grade level curriculum and make age appropriate connections to learning standards that are part of the state's curriculum. Teachers will also provide an instructional lesson on patriotism, and the responsibilities we have as citizens, to all students, regardless of whether they view the speech. If parents, after having previewed the President's speech, decide to limit their child's participation, they will simply need to submit a written note to their child's teacher by Monday, September 13th. An age appropriate alternative activity will be provided to those students by their teacher and will not be penalized in any way.

    Coppell ISD values the support of its school community as a partner in offering the very best educational opportunities for all students, and takes the role of educator and protector very seriously. It is the belief of the district that the President's speech will again be motivational in nature and will provide a positive learning experience for all students across America.