• EMAC Academy Hosts International Journalist

    When asked about his most dangerous assignment, Mr. Divine Junior Ramzi NTARYIKE of Cameroon talked about having been locked-up on a ship inside a metal box with no bars or windows. He had been investigating a story about child pedophilia when he was captured on board the offending ship and was held captive for four days. He was given only a single cup of water each day. On the fourth day, he was released and allowed to write and publish the story that exposed the truth and started a movement to affect change.

    Students in the Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC) Academy at Coppell High School hosted a delegation of eight distinguished journalists from Africa to gain insight into the real world of investigative journalism. Through the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program facilitated by World Learning and the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft. Worth, learners in publications/ media classes (Yearbook, Sidekick, & KCBY) as well as several interested in advertising, were able to participate.

    The two-hour-long visit to CHS included tours, discussions of class projects, and on-camera interviews. Learners were able to ask the delegates questions related to press access, the role of responsible reporting, and to find out how trends/developments in social media had impacted their work.

    CHS marked the only high school stop during the multi-city U.S. tour.