• Focus on The Heroes...Remembering 9/11

    As the ten year anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 approaches, students and teachers in Coppell ISD are busy preparing special ways to remember lives lost and those who survived…all heroes by any estimation. To put the event into perspective, remember that many of our students, including today’s third graders and younger, had not even been born and some of our new teachers were barely teenagers, when the coordinated attacks occurred.

    Like other tragic events in our lifetime and before, this one holds a distinct place in the annals of our country and has reshaped our history and that of the world. It has taught us many lessons bringing a new focus on national security, public safety, communication and information sharing, and much more. But, other types of lessons – in humanity, basic principles and core values, personal accountability and responsibility, and character qualities such as patience, respect for others, and self-control, are taught and reinforced in our classrooms and beyond every day. Through extra-curricular and organizational involvement, service learning initiatives, and much more, students in CISD also have the opportunity to reflect, grow, and work together.

    Beginning this week and extending through Monday, September 12, campuses are planning grade- appropriate activities and unique ways of remembering the 9/11 events as the district continues to observe its citizenship quality of the month, “Patriotism.” Remembrances will vary from artwork and poetry to the accounts of first responders in our own community and from flag dedications to participation in the City’s “Patriot’s Day” ceremony to wearing red, white, and blue. The entire district will observe a moment of silence on the morning of 9/12 at 9:11 a.m. Ask your child about the activities being planned at his/her school and visit http://www.911tenthyear.com/tenyears.html for more information about the commemoration in New York City as well as special tributes and a Timeline Reference Guide.