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      • NTH@C Applicants Top 250

        Three hundred forty four current 8th and 9th grade students submitted their application to New Tech High @ Coppell by the 2/28 deadline. Another 17 applicants filed their paperwork with the Coppell school district after the cutoff and were automatically “Wait Listed.”

        During a Board workshop held Monday, March 3, the CISD Board of Trustees agreed that all 145 applicants from the 9th grade group would be accepted to NTH@C and 145 applicants from the 199 - 8th graders who applied would also be accepted. The starting enrollment number shifted from the initial 125 for each grade level when the Board and staff concluded it made sense to take a few more students now in case of attrition.

        Based on the results of other New Tech High opening enrollments, it is estimated that CISD can expect an approximate 10% attrition rate for the first year. The 145 number for each grade (9th and 10th) will allow NTH@C to keep their attrition in check, remain true to the New Tech Foundation model, and stay within the budgetary guidelines. The lottery drawing for 8th graders will be held Thursday, March 6th. Notification letters will be mailed the week of March 10th.