Helpful Tips On Enrollment Forms

  • Family
    Make sure all legal guardians/parents are listed.
    Authorized Contacts
    Do not list parents in this section. List all persons who you anticipate might need to pick-up your child for various reasons including emergencies, illness, travel, early release, etc. This includes siblings, grandparents, neighbors, etc. You will need to provide a phone number for all authorized contacts. All authorized contacts must present a photo ID before picking up a student. You will not be able to update emergency contact information once your enrollment form is submitted. If you need to update or add emergency contacts you will need to contact your campus.
    It would be helpful to have gathered information for all doctors and prescriptions and medical history prior to beginning the online enrollment process. The PowerSchool Registration forms will take the place of many of the medical forms completed by hand in previous years; however, there may still be some forms that will be need to be downloaded, printed and completed and/or signed by a doctor and turned in to the school.
    Most agreements require the acknowledgement of both the parent and the student. Please make sure you take the time to read the policies and discuss it with your student. These agreements include the CISD Student Code of Conduct, Technology Responsible Use Policy, Student Handbook, and Truancy policy. For copies of all these policies visit 
    Due to a change in Board policy, student directory information may NOT be released to any third party requester. Third party requesters include, all businesses and non-profit agencies as well as PTOs and Booster Clubs. Thus, parents are given the option to either give or deny permission for CISD to use directory information. The PTOs and Booster Clubs will need to obtain contact information on their own.
    For some campuses, you will be able to sign general field trip or off-campus lunch permissions for use throughout the year. Specific information about any field trips will be given to parents prior to the trip. Parents may also opt out of any field trip throughout the year.
    The electronic signature is treated like a handwritten signature on a paper form. It is against the law to falsify a signature.