Mr. Thom Hulme



Degrees and Certifications:

Trinity University, BA in Business and Psychology

Mr. Thom Hulme

Began Serving on School Board: May 2008 (Re-elected in 2011, 2014 and 2017)
Up for Re-Election: May 2020

Occupation/Place of Employment:
I currently work as a full time senior instructor for Champion’s School of Real Estate where I teach Loan Originator National Certification and Realtor Licensure courses for Texas.

Employed by Interlinc Mortgage as a loan consultant. I have worked in the mortgage field for more than 20 years and in real estate (licensed Realtor) for 30. Recently recognized by D Magazine as one of the top 100 Mortgage professionals in 2011 and Texas Monthly's top 100 in Texas in 2012 and 2014.

Spouse: Kelly and Thom have celebrated 23 years of marriage. Kelly has worked as a paralegal nearly all her professional life. She has worked for Winstead PC for more than 25 years where she specializes in the field of commercial real estate law.
Children: Daughter Marin – Will graduate Baylor University in 2018. Son - Stephen is married and lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife Katie along with my grandson Eli and granddaughter Emma. Son Christopher - lives in Greenville, SC with wife Francis and my granddaughter Louisa and grandson Silas.
Pet(s): Buddy and Berkeley – Rhodesian mutt mixes - ("kinda" like their owner) and Elliott the cat

Gardening, singing, sports – especially those Rangers

What factors most strongly influenced your decision to run for the School Board?
Knowing I can make a positive difference in helping children of CISD become prepared and productive graduates who are either workforce and/or college ready.

Volunteer Commitments:
I have served on Coppell YMCA Board of Management, Coppell Chamber of Commerce (past Chair) and the Dallas Arts District Chorale Executive Board. In addition I spend time on missions trips to places such as Honduras, Mission (TX), China and with Family Legacy in Africa as part of my family’s commitment to Jacob’s House. I am currently getting certified through Chalmers Faith and Finance Courses to help poor and underserved in learning how to better manage their finances. I also support Cornerstone Ministries in downtown Dallas feeding the homeless on given Sunday mornings with my daughter Marin.

School Board Credentials:
I have accumulated more than 260 hours in school board training and continuing education. In previous years my emphasis has been in serving with the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Legislative Advisory Council and serving as secretary of the CISD Board. We worked towards setting the Legislative Advocacy Agenda for TASB when the Texas Legislation convened in 2013 and 2015. I’m currently serving my seventh year on this great board with a super group of hard working, caring individuals. I hope to continue to spend as much time as possible advocating for our kids throughout the district.

On what committees do you serve as a CISD School Board Trustee?
I currently serve on the SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee.) This committee has grown from about 6 members to now full compliance (30 plus districtwide representatives) with state requirements under Title 2, Chapter 28, Section 28.004 of the Texas Education Code. It has included representation from each campus along with involvement from administration, law enforcement, educators and learners. This committee facilitates recommendations for the board to move towards a healthier (mentally and physically), safer and more productive school environment for employees and students. Other committees are:
 ♦ SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee)
 ♦ City Council

Which campuses have you adopted this year?
CCE, DCE, Lakeside, CMS North, CHS9, CHS, NTH@C, VP@C

What are your 1-5 year goals for the students in CISD?
 1. I hope to lend leadership to the maturation process of providing choice for student with personalized leaning programs.
 2. We have one of the best groups of educators in the nation – not just Texas. I hope to continue to challenge, nurture and provide the best possible environment for growth that is within my powers to inspire and support these distinguished servants of CISD.
 3. I will continue to strive to judiciously use tax payer funds to provide the best possible educational system this state will allow (financially). In turn this will protect our home and property values as it has during this recession. There is a trickle-down effect for our students and tax payers by committing to this.
 4. As programs and performers mature in their understanding of 21st Century Education I hope to be instrumental in helping CISD to continue to lead in innovation and creativity to engage learners to achieve at their highest levels.
 5. Most importantly I want to help the district be prepared for changes and challenges we know that will face us. In turn, giving our children consistency, challenges (learning above the bar) and growth in their classroom and in their lives.

Is there valuable insight and some information you feel a prospective school board candidate should know BEFORE they seek election?
I've learned to step back and try to hear all points of view. You can't make decisions based on what benefits a small minority; rather, decisions should be geared towards the betterment of the whole. You have to be educated, learned and then convinced that the decision you make will help as many as possible. You have to put personal opinion and feeling aside and know that you have done your best to research and make an informed determination about those decisions I'm entrusted as a community advocate and representative.