One of our CCE parents, Allison Hartzell, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer. It began as stage 1 on her tongue. On January 19th she had surgery to remove the cancerous lesion from her tongue. The cancer was more invasive than anticipated and required another immediate surgery. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Allison and her husband, Rick, are parents to two small of which attends CCE. She is also the choir teacher at CMS West.

As a school of caring, compassionate leaders, our children wanted to help this family in a tangible way. Each Friday during the month of April, we will sell popsicles for $1.00 each (exact change, please). The fundraising efforts will be led by Mrs. Wszolek’s class. All proceeds will go directly to support the Hartzell family.

We appreciate our CCE families and your efforts to help us assist one of our own families during a challenging time.