Languages Other Than English

  • Languages CISD offers World Languages for middle school and high school students.  In middle school, students may begin taking Spanish for high school credit. In high school, students may choose from Spanish, French, Chinese and American Sign Language.

    Languages Other than English (LOTE) is an integrated curriculum designed to increase the global competencies of all students while preparing them to compete in a global society. A high quality LOTE curriculum is paired with effective instruction that engages hands, minds and intellect through meaningful, relevant, interactive, and student-centered experiences that support each student in achieving personal success. Reading, writing, listening and speaking in the target language are emphasized, cultivated and assessed through a variety of methods. Through the development of languages other than English, every student will be afforded the opportunity to communicate effectively and acquire information using the target language as a tool to meet future challenges in our multilingual society. We do so, with the beliefs that…

    1. All students can learn to communicate effectively in a target language and can develop a life-long appreciation for languages and cultures.
    2. Proficiency is attained through holistic learning.
    3. Relevance is critical in the language acquisition process.
    4. Language learning is an active process and students must be active participants.
    5. Studying a world language develops critical thinking skills.
    6. The study of a world language will increase global awareness.
    7. Technology is an integral component of a world language education.
    8. 21st century students require 21st century tools.
    9. Language proficiency should begin at an early age.

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