Sick Leave

  • Coppell grants each employee five local sick leave days to be used for personal or family illness. This is in addition to the five days of personal leave awarded yearly to each employee by the state. Contact Vicky Sanchez for more information.

Sick Bank

  • The CISD Sick Leave Bank provides additional paid sick leave days to members of the bank in the event of extended illness, surgery, a disability due to a non-work related injury or when the member is unable to perform the duties of his/her position. To become a member of the CISD Sick Bank, employees voluntarily donate one of their local sick leave days. Contact Johnna Durham for more information.

Sick Pool

  • A collection of local days donated to an employee who has exhausted his/her own leave. Pool days are for immediate family members with a catastrophic illness, event, or injury. Contact Johnna Durham for more information.