2009 Bond Summary

  • April 2009 PRESS RELEASE:
    Following the recommendation of the 25 member Bond Committee, the CISD Board of Trustees called a $55.9 million bond election for May 9, 2009. The bond is divided into two parts: the first proposition for $40.9 million and the second proposition for $15 million. The main components of the first proposition include renovations and repairs of facilities, technology updates, library materials and facilities, and playground equipment over the next five years. The second proposition of $15 million is for the maintenance note conversion to finalize the purchase of CISD's 122 acres of North Lake property. Below is a list of the specific categories within the bond package:

    Proposition 1

    · Technology Updates & Financial Management $15,812,000

    · HVAC, Lighting, & Energy Management $8,081,564

    · Roofing, Carpeting, & Repairs $5,425,736

    · Shift of M&O Expenditures to Bond $4,053,000

    · Architectural, Engineering, & Misc. $2,267,608

    · Library Materials & Facilities $2,203,000

    · Playgrounds, P.E., & Athletics $1,942,500

    · Band Instrument Replacements & Theatre Renovations $1,405,500

    · Land Infrastructure Development (Phase 1 of NL) $1,000,000

    · Campus Safety & Security $676,700

    · Coppell Nature Park Facility $300,000

    Total $40,900,000

    Proposition 2

    · Maintenance Note Conversion (North Lake) $15,000,000

    Informational meetings are being scheduled in April and will be posted to the CISD web site.

    Early voting for the Coppell ISD bond election will be held April 27 thru May 5 at Town Center (City Hall) and the election will begin on Saturday May 9. For more information about the proposed bond package, click on the "2009 Bond Project List" at the top right of this page.

    Coppell Independent School District recently convened a 37 member advisory Bond Committee of interested staff and citizenry. The committee represents every campus and department in CISD and its principle charge is two-fold:

    1) research any unfunded capital improvement/renovation and technology needs the district could have during the next 3-5 years, and

    2) make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding the viability of including those needs in a spring ‘09 Bond campaign.

    Having recently settled the North Lake case, after four years of litigation, CISD was able to fund the amount of the settlement by selling nearly $15 million worth of maintenance notes. The Board of Trustees will need to call for a Bond election in spring '09 to recover/repay those notes.

    This area of the district web site has been designated for the work of the 2008-09 Bond Committee so the public may follow along with their progress. Any questions may be directed to the Department of Communications & Public Relations at 214.496.6058 or emailed to info@coppellisd.com.

    The documents located in the right resource box include the following:
    • November 28, 2008 Presentation made to the 2009 Bond Steering Committee
    • Debt Capacity Spreadsheets
    • 2006-2009 Bond Project List
    • 2009-2013 Proposed Project List Non-Technology
    • 2009-2013 Proposed Technology List
    • Bond Construction Projects Update from the 2006 Bond Election
    Additional information related to the 2009 CISD bond election is located on the left of this page and includes the following:
    • Bond Meeting Updates
    • Prior Bond Elections
    • Facilities and Land Purchase
    • Tax Rate Comparisons/History
    • Student Enrollment History
    • 2009 Bond Committee Members