• Math & Science Focused on Girls

    The highly successful and energetic summer camp for 7th grade girls in Coppell schools is back! IBM continues to partner with Coppell middle schools by offering the week long math and science camp Girls Inspired Greatly About the World Of Technology (GIGA WOT) at their sales center in Coppell.
    A completely interactive opportunity, this camp is one way IBM is reaching out to girls who, according to research, lose their interest in math and science during their middle school years. The camp uses TryScience.org experiments, exciting projects, educational games, and a field trip where the campers will get to spend time in a "kitchen" testing mixtures and talking with the company's top scientists.
    IBM Program Manager for Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Katie Kabage said, "Our purpose is to get girls excited about engineering and technology by encouraging more girls and under-represented minorities to get involved and learn about careers related to math, science, and technology. The camp shows how these subjects play an important role in their lives and helps 'jump start' their thoughts toward careers in math and science."
    Former IBM'er and camp volunteer JoLynn Golden added, "Seventh and eighth grade girls don’t want to be labeled a 'geek' so it’s our job to help them see that it’s not 'geeky' to be interested in technology and that they really can make lots of money doing something that uses math and science in an interesting and fun way that is never boring."  See images of the event below.