• Coppell ISD Earns a Top Ranking in Gold Performance Acknowledgements

    Coppell ISD received 10 Gold Performance Acknowledgements (GPA's), a record number for the district; third only to Southlake Carroll ISD and Highland Park ISD with 12 GPA's each. Furthermore, a total of 88 acknowledgments were given out among all 14 campuses and the district this year. All 14 campuses received a GPA for Commended Reading and Commended Math.

    Gold performance Acknowledgements are used by the state to rate districts on a broader scale than TAKS alone. Among the several state ratings systems, the state accountability system rates districts on a deficiency model (ratings are based on the lowest indicator), while the GPA system recognizes district for their high performance in a variety of academic areas.

    The 10 GPA's CISD received are as follows:
    AP/IB Results
    Attendance Rate
    Commended Reading
    Commended Math
    Commended Writing
    Commended Social Studies
    Recommended High School Program (RHSP)/Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)
    SAT/ACT Results
    Texas Success Initiative: Higher Education Readiness Component: English Language Arts
    Texas Success Initiative: Higher Education Readiness Component: Math

    One of the most difficult GPA's to receive is the ACT/SAT Results GPA. Coppell High School is one of only 53 schools in the state of Texas to receive this acknowledgement, and it is also one of 32 schools in Texas to receive acknowledgements in both AP/IB Results and ACT/SAT Results.

    Coppell received four acknowledgements out of the five top performing TAKS categories: Commended Reading, Commended Math, Commended Writing, and Commended Social Studies. CISD received these acknowledgements because 25% or more of every student group in each subject area scored at the Commended level, meaning they achieved 90% or better accuracy on the TAKS exam.

    To view a complete list of GPA categories with descriptions, visit: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/account/2008/manual/ch05.pdf

    and to find more information about the specific GPA's received at a particular campus, visit: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/cgi/sas/broker

    To view a GPA comparison table, click the document in the resource box.