• Early Coppell School Foundation Unearthed

    See for yourself! Members of the Coppell Historical Society will show you the recently-discovered foundation of one of Coppell's first school buildings. Saturday, April 14, at 9:00 AM, 509 West Bethel Road, in Old Town Coppell (just west of the Coppell Chamber of Commerce building). They promise no hiking is required for the brief visit only a few feet from Bethel Road.

    According to the Society's newsletter, "Old-timers always knew it was there. But as the years rolled past, memories faded, and eventually even long-time citizens who knew where the Coppell School was, forgot just exactly where it was.

    'It was along Bethel Road. But I can’t remember if it faced the road or if it was turned sideways.'

    'Was it right on the road or farther back?'

    While sponsoring its most recent archeological dig a few months ago, members of the Coppell Historical Society started getting serious about locating the exact spot. Almost stepping on it before they knew it, they discovered hints that led them to identify the boundaries of the old building and its location near the main road through Old Town Coppell.

    One of the Society's upcoming projects is to create custom markers that can be placed on some of Coppell's historical sites. It could be that this school site might be the first!"

    Visit www.coppellisd.com (click on "About Us") for more information about Coppell schools.