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Victory Place @ Coppell Learners Begin the Path to a More Sustainable Future

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VP@C Learners Begin Their Journey to Environmental Awareness

It was an amazing start to the school year as the Turning Point class from VP@C gave back to the community by volunteering at the Coppell Nature Park. Learners under the direction of Alisa Koslowski, Bruce Wilcox and Mike Martin worked tirelessly to maintain and augment the trails at the park. At any one instance on the morning of September 8th, the learners could be seen exhibiting the life principles of responsibility, diligence and cooperation as they worked together rotating jobs to get the mission accomplished. Learners shoveled mulch into wheelbarrows, pushed the wheelbarrows up and down the trails, and spent time making sure the mulch was distributed evenly so that visitors to the park can have an enjoyable experience.

After a quick cool down and lunch, learners participated in an inspiring presentation by Ms. Koslowski on BEC Green, the green features of the Biodiversity Education Center. The biodiversity center was built to LED standards using repurposed steel panels for the interior and exterior, as well as the restrooms. Learners were introduced to Green materials such as the carpet made from recycled plastics and the Nudura wall construction which provides excellent insulation for the building. Learners were able to view the roof which is designed in a butterfly pattern to collect rainwater into an enormous cistern outside the building. We also had the opportunity to learn about the 96 solar panels and view the  four inverters which help convert electricity from DC to AC to power the center.

The day ended with a viewpoints-on-line activity where learners debated their positions on various environmental topics and a stream test where learners tested the  quality of water in our own Cottonwood Creek.

Last but not least. the Turning Point learners completed another volunteer opportunity by setting up the BEC for a meeting of the Coppell Parks Department before boarding their bus for the trip back to VP@C.