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Victory Place @ Coppell Learners Find Pride in Service for the Coppell Farmer's Market

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Learners at the Victory Place @ Coppell campus use a large amount of their time here for growth and reflection.  While academics are an important and priority key to their success it is just as imperative for the learners here to learn other life principles, as defined by the Great Expectations teaching philosophy, such as citizenship and service.
Thanks to the efforts of Victory Place @ Coppell staff member Mrs. Lynne Ryan, some staff and learners were able to become part of a service project that not only allowed the learners to apply some of these life principles, but also ended with a finished product that will be used and enjoyed by those in the Coppell community on Saturday mornings while visiting the Coppell Farmer’s Market.  
The Coppell Farmer’s Market was in the need of some kind of signage to display messages at their Saturday event while also keeping with their rustic aesthetic.  Some staff and learners at Victory Place @ Coppell jumped at the chance to provide this service.  
Over the span of two weeks, learners (with oversight and some help from educators) stained, painted and assembled two easel magnetic chalkboards completely from scratch and donated them to the Coppell Farmer’s Market.  There is a sense of pride in completing products by hand and having them on display for an entire community to see and enjoy.  The opportunity to apply these life principles led to a lasting feeling of accomplishment that will continue to grow as the concept of service is embraced spread throughout the Coppell community during this school year.