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VP@C Learners Become Educators to Denton Creek 4th Graders

VP@C Learners become Educators to Denton Creek 4th Graders

  Victory Place @ Coppell Turning Point learners became educators for the afternoon as they brought Perot Museum style science exhibits to Coppell to provide learning experiences for Denton Creek Elementary 4th graders. Inspired by a field trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on March 21st,  Turning Point learners brought back ideas and plans to create their own Science Exhibits to share with the 4th graders. After working diligently for several weeks, an invitation was sent asking the 4th grades to participate in the planned VP@C mini-museum. The much anticipated day arrived. On April 7th, the fourth graders visited Victory Place where they were greeted by excited Turning Point learners and  six engaging exhibits. The fourth graders viewed the exhibits “Rocks, Minerals, Gems, and Geodes,” “The Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife,” “Creation of the Universe,” “Weather In Different Climates,” “Plant Adaptations” and “Animal Adaptations”.

It was an exciting and memorable learning experience for both schools as VP@C learners became educators and Denton Creek learners experienced museum exhibits right here in Coppell. Staff and learners from both schools were enthusiastic and enjoyed working together and learning from each other.