CHS Yearbook Photographers Receives Honors at ATPI Fall Contest

    Coppell High School Yearbook photographers received numerous honors at the 2016 Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI) Fall Contest on Saturday, Oct. 29.

    Over 6,600 entries came in from 89 schools located throughout Texas, California, Kansas and Oklahoma.

    Coppell High School winners include:
    Lillie Brummitt 1st place – Beginner Time Exposure
    Bhavya Vasireddy – 2nd place – Beginner Fashion
    Erin Dempsey – Honorable Mention – Advanced Nature, Advanced Student Life, Advanced Time Exposure
    Megan Brownrigg – Honorable Mention – Advanced Sports Reaction
    Sara Kim – Honorable Mention – Beginner Open
    Maddie Wells – Honorable Mention – Beginner Sports Reaction
    Alli Feille – Honorable Mention – Beginner Sports Reaction

    Photos can be found at "Pics of the Week" in this weeks (Nov. 11) INFORMED your weekly school community news brief