Fall 2016 GEM (Great Educators Matter) Finalists

Congratulations to David Barnette (Austin), Sara Meador (CCE), Lauren Hold (VRE), Lauren Danby (MSE), Angela Knipe and Kelly Murphy (DCE), Skye Bryant (Lakeside), Jessica Floyd, Stacey Harris, Kamille Hudson, Samantha Jensen and Maithreyi Satish (Lee), Dianne Johnston (MKB), Mary Kennington (TCE), Janet Hall and Heidi Rupley (Wilson), Mackenzie Brothers, Michele Margolis, Maribel Urey and Kris Rindels (VRE), Danae Boyd, Laura Hunson and Shafi Majidi (NTH@C), Lauren Muir and Lynne Ryan (VP), Maribel Ferrer (Crossing Gaurd) and Beth Robb (Communications/PR).

GEM is an internal Employee Recognition Program recognizing outstanding employees who serve the mission of the district in a manner that exceeds job/salary expectations...those who go "above and beyond the call of duty" on a quarterly basis.