New Start Times For Secondary Campuses

Effective Wednesday, September 20th, Coppell ISD’s middle school and high school campuses will have a new start time.  In light of the ongoing challenges with bus transportation and in an effort to ensure all our students arrive to school on time, CISD has made the decision to change start times at all middle school campuses and our high school campuses.  There are no changes to end-of-school dismissal times. 

New start times effective Wednesday, September 20th are as follows:

All Middle Schools:  8:10am

Coppell High School:  8:40am
New Tech High @ Coppell:  8:40am 

Please note, there are no changes to drop-off times, dismissal times or current bus schedules, thus there does not have to be a change in your current morning routine.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we seek to resolve these issues expeditiously and with the least impact on you and your family. 

All updated bell schedules are posted on (via your campus web pages).  Following are answers to some questions you might have.  Should you have any additional questions, you can email:

  • Q: Are elementary start times changing?
    A:  No, we will not be adjusting start times for elementary students.

  • Q: Will this impact my bus riders’ pick-up time?
    A:    Current bus pick-up times remain the same.  We are simply allowing these buses more time to get our students to campus on time.  We will continue to monitor bus routes and adjust, as needed.

  • Q: Will this affect drop-off time for students?
    A:  No, this will not affect when parents can drop off students at their campus each day.

  • Q: How will the daily bell schedule change to adjust for the later start?
    A:  Each campus has made adjustments to their daily bell schedule to accommodate the change, resulting in minor reductions across most periods (including advisory periods) as well as passing periods.

  • Q:  Why are there ongoing issues with bus transportation?
    A:  Given the fact we are transporting approximately 1,000 additional riders over last year, and we are experiencing increased traffic congestion in the Coppell area, some students continue to arrive to school late.  We have been working closely with Durham to make adjustments, where appropriate, but we are still experiencing delays.