CISD Update on CMS East Bond Renovations Construction

Coppell ISD officials gave an update on the progress of the current CMS East Athletic Field renovations, as well as shared the construction project plans and timeline for CMS East building improvements, which are part of the 2016 Coppell ISD Bond Referendum passed by voters, during the CISD Board of Trustees meeting May 21. 

Construction At the CMS East Athletic Field, the foundation concrete has been laid out for the addition of 300-seat bleachers and press box that will include a small sound system. Four light poles (two on each side of the field) also have been added. These poles will include non-glare, LED type fixtures that are designed so there will not be spillover lighting into the abutting homes, to be compliant with the City of Coppell’s Glare and Lighting Standards of the Zoning Ordinance.  The bleachers, press box and light poles are expected to be complete in August in time for the start of the 2018-19 school year. Construction of the concession/ bathroom facility will coincide with CMS East building renovations and will be complete in 2019.

CMS East facility Bond renovation and construction projects will add additional classrooms and new science labs, improve and enhance fine arts space, add a new gym that also will serve as a storm shelter for the building, expand interior cafeteria seating, add a patio for additional outdoor seating, expand the kitchen, and includes renovations to restrooms and locker rooms and a parking lot expansion between CMS East and Mockingbird Elementary.

Construction on these CMS East building projects and the concession/bathroom facility is expected to begin in late June and will occur throughout the 2018-19 school year with minimal disruption to students and staff.  This is similar to how construction renovations occurred at CMS West in the 2017-18 school year to transform it into the CHS Ninth Grade Campus (CHS 9).

These projects are part of the 2016 Coppell ISD Bond Referendum passed by voters. There have not been any significant changes or renovations to the CMS East building or the athletic facilities since it was built in 1986, aside from the addition of the tennis courts and track. For more details, visit

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