Announcing CISD’s New Volunteer Background Check System

New for the 2019-20 school year, CISD is using a new application and background check process for all volunteers in the District using the same software used for employee background checks.  In order to upgrade the security of your personal information, you will be required to fill out a volunteer application (setting up a new secure user name and password) and background form.  This user name and password will be used again each year you complete the form.  Volunteers are a valuable part of our educational team, and we appreciate all you do!

Please follow these steps to complete your Volunteer Background Check:

  2. Click on “Volunteer Application and Background Check Forms” 
  3. Then, follow the “New User? Click here to register” prompts.Note, everyone is a new user in this system and MUST set up a new account.  Previous Coppell ISD logins and passwords will not work with this new system.  Once you set up an account, you can use this user name and password each year for your Volunteer Background Check. 
  4. Click on “Add New Application” under “Online Applications.”
  5. Under “What type of position are you applying for?,” Click on “Volunteer.”
  6. Click on each tab on the left side of the page and submit the information requested.  You must click on each tab to complete the process. Please note you can select multiple campuses for which you would like to volunteer.
  7. Click “Submit” to submit your application.
  8. Be sure to complete the application/background check a week in advance before you volunteer.

Interested in helping in the office or classroom of your child's school on a regular basis? Are you accompanying or chaperoning a group of students on a field trip, weekend camp outing, helping with PTO events, or chaperoning at a dance? To be eligible to volunteer on any of the CISD campuses, you must complete a Criminal History Background Check. Only ONE form is needed per volunteer each year, even if volunteering for multiple campuses or students. A Criminal History Background Check must be completed EACH school year for all volunteers. Please make sure you have completed the form a week in advance before you volunteer.