Safety & Security Procedures for Home Football Games at Buddy Echols Field

Dear Coppell ISD Families,

We are excited to welcome our students and families to Buddy Echols Field to cheer on our Coppell Cowboys, along with the Larriettes, Cheerleaders and Band. 

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the safety and security procedures at Buddy Echols Field for all home varsity football games. These include: 

  • All visitors at football games at Buddy Echols Stadium will be searched by portable metal detecting wands before entering the stadium at all entrances. 
  • Backpacks are prohibited.  No exceptions. 
  • Only small purses (4.5” x 6.5”), diaper bags, camera bags, and medical bags are allowed in the stadium.  All personal items are subject to search at the gate and if deemed allowable will be tagged with a color band. 
  • Fans, officials and event staff are asked to avoid bringing any bags, if possible.
  • There is no “re-entry” once a person leaves the stadium.
  • Sideline passes are REQUIRED to be on the field during the game. No exceptions.
  • For safety reasons, spectators are restricted from entering the field before, during, or immediately after the game.

The Coppell Police Department will have police officers on duty and on site during the game.  We also will have members of an outside security company present. In addition, campus administrators and district safety personnel are on duty during all athletic events.  Elementary and middle school students should not attend a game without a parent or guardian present and on site. 

Prohibited Stadium Items

  • All outside food, drinks, backpacks, coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets and glass containers are prohibited. (Concession stands are available.)
  • Artificial noisemakers including whistles, horns, air-horns, laser pointers, or electric megaphones are not allowed in the stadium. Traditional megaphones, cowbells, and shakers will be allowed.
  • Also frisbees and other sporting equipment should not be brought into the stadium, as they may become a safety issue.
  • Animals are not permitted, with the exception of service animals and service animals in training.
  • Tobacco products of any kind (including e-cigarettes/vaping) are not allowed on school property, which includes the entire CHS campus, the parking lot and the stadium.
  • Alcohol and gambling also is prohibited on school property and at the stadium, including the parking lot.
  • Handguns, illegal knives or other weapons are prohibited.
  • Masks will not be allowed and all patrons must be fully clothed.
  • Any person violating the above guidelines may be ejected from the event without refund.

Signs are permitted and must be handheld, event-related, in good taste and cannot obstruct another guest's view. Our administration reserves the right to confiscate signs that are in violation of above stadium guidelines.

Please visit for a complete list of safety and security procedures at Buddy Echols Field. 

We thank you in advance for your help in ensuring a safe and secure game experience for our players and spectators. 


CISD Administration