COVID Cards Thanking Frontline Workers

Thank You Card Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous frontline workers, like health care personnel, police officers and grocery store workers, are putting themselves at risk in order to keep us safe, healthy and supplied. They are doing everything they can, and they are the heroes of our communities.

Rising Coppell High School senior Rishab Pulugurta felt the need  to do something to recognize these hard working individuals.

I started to notice how much more time I began to spend with my family, because everyone was at home and how I had not cherished this time previously,” Pulugurta said.  “I realized that there are still people in the workforce who are risking their lives to provide for our whole community by being outside and doing their job.

He wanted to make sure these individuals knew their work mattered and was not going unnoticed. He wanted to ensure these workers knew they were very much appreciated, and they had a community —  a family — supporting them.

Pulugurta decided he would create a website where he would set up an opportunity for people to create encouraging cards for the  first responders of this national pandemic. He asked his friends and family to share his story on social media and by any other means possible. As of today, COVID Cards has sent more than 400 notes to essential workers. These cards have been delivered to Baylor Scott and White Hospital, Parkland Hospital, the Coppell Police Department, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and UChicago Medicine, just to name a few.

“I have lived in the same community for all 17 years of my life and it has been the foundation for all of my values and has shaped my personality into what it is today,” Pulugurta said. “This community is an amazing place to be and I want to highlight all of the good things that our community can bring.” 

He added  that this project is the least he could do for the people in his community, who have helped mold him into who he is today. He also is inviting the community to help him in this effort to recognize first responders. 

How To Help:

There are three methods to create a COVID Card: