Message from the Superintendent Sept. 18, 2020

Dear CISD Families, 

I want to thank our entire community for your hard work, patience, grace and understanding, as we work #CISDTogether to do what we do best — educate and take care of our children. These first five weeks of school have been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. I have seen innovation and creativity at its best during these first few weeks. I believe we all have taken lemons and made lemonade. I could not be more proud of our students, staff and our families for everything everyone is doing to make this school year successful.

Our core values of redefining success, great teaching, collective engagement and authentic relationships drive all we do in Coppell ISD. This year, we as a district are focusing on our authentic relationships core value. Our teachers are working extremely hard to connect with all of their students, both in person and distance learners. They are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students are receiving an exceptional education experience and are having their social and emotional learning needs met. 

Social and emotional learning also applies to our educators. We need to take care of our teachers, so they can take care of our kids. We often hear from our families when there are issues or concerns, and we do want to hear directly from you regarding these issues, so we can work together on a resolution. However, our teachers also need to hear from us when they are doing well. It is important they know that their efforts are making a difference.

I encourage you to thank a teacher and let them know they are supported. We have created some thank you cards at to facilitate this for you and your family. Our teachers are tasked with a heavy responsibility with both in person and distance learning. Their plates are very full, and teachers are working around the clock to support our children. We all need to take a moment to let our teachers know how much we support and appreciate them. Whether your child is learning from home or is in school, we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to show appreciation to our teachers. 

I also want to share this story that aired last night on NBC 5 featuring Jodie Deinhammer, who teaches science at CMS East, and some of her students. You talk about a rock star! This incredible teacher has innovation and creativity down to an art. We are so very lucky to have her in CISD. You can view this story at This is just one example of the great teaching that occurs in our district every school day. 

Often I am asked by parents and community members as to additional ways they can further engage with the school district. I invite those who want to gain additional insight into the operations of CISD, as well as learn more about our curriculum framework and collective engagement opportunities, to register for our virtual 2020 iLead Program. You can find information about iLead and register at

Monday, September 21, kicks off our commitment process for the second grading period, which begins on Tuesday, October 13. Families will receive an email on Monday with instructions on this process. Remember, you will only need to fill out a commitment form for the second grading period, if you are changing your commitment for the second grading period. The deadline for commitments for the second grading period is September 30. 

I hope you are all tuning in each week to my #CatchupWithHunt YouTube videos available at These videos allow me to provide a personal touch in sharing information with our community in a concise and dynamic format.

I want to end by thanking our community for your continued support of our educators, students and district. These times are tough, but every day gets better. We are truly stronger, when we work together. It is my privilege to lead this district. 


Dr. Brad Hunt