CHS Students Create Charitable Investment Group

By CHS Junior Kavin Sampath 

Charitable Investment Group1 The Coppell Charitable Investments group donated approximately 204 pounds of peanut butter to the North Texas Food Bank on Sept. 26. Listed on the North Texas Food Bank website as a ‘most needed’ item, the 68, three pound jars of peanut butter were purchased with the profits derived from the Coppell Charitable Investments portfolio to keep shelves stocked for people who may need food because of the staggering levels of unemployment caused by the pandemic.

Coppell Charitable Investments is a non-profit created by Coppell High School Junior Kavin Sampath with five other juniors serving on the Board of Directors: Prabhav Kumbum, Jai Konnuru, Aksh Tyagi, Rohan Nalla, and Rohan Pritmani. Founded with the purpose of educating Coppell High School students with knowledge on investing and using that knowledge to raise and generate revenue to contribute to local causes, Coppell Charitable Investments used an 11% realized gain to purchase the peanut butter worth more than $300. As the group’s portfolio continues to grow, the members hope to complete several similar donations in the future.

Rohan Nalla, a Board Member of the Coppell Charitable Investments Club, noted how the club fulfilled a unique opportunity within CISD saying “I think it's amazing that we can educate individuals within our community about the stock market- something that many people want to learn about- and also use that knowledge to aid local causes.” 

Charitable Investment Group2 With a comprehensive syllabus that aims to educate members about the fundamentals of safe investing within the stock market, the group hopes to produce many more successful investors that can generate money for charities around Texas.

“The account so far consists of only the money that we pitched in ourselves, and even with just that we were able to make a difference,” said Prabhav Kumbum, a Board Member of Coppell Charitable Investments. The group hopes to raise capital through fundraising from the community and local businesses. 

“Any potential donation could help us take new positions and raise even more money for our community,” said Rohan Pritmani, a Board Member of Coppell Charitable Investments.

While this is the largest project undertaken by the club currently, it will be “the first of many more,”  says Kavin. The Members of the Board are determined to complete several similar donation projects in the next year, which is a goal that the Coppell Charitable Investments Club is becoming continually closer to due to the involvement from the community. If you would be interested in contributing to this up and coming organization, please contact us at for any inquiries.