Jason Sykes Inducted into TFA Hall of Fame

Coppell High School Debate Director Dr. Jason Sykes is one of only two debate educators in Texas selected to be inducted into the 2020-21 class of the Texas Forensic Association’s Hall of Fame. 

According to the organization, “for designation into the Hall of Fame, honorees shall have served the organization and students in a meritorious fashion.”  

“I am humbled by this recognition,” Dr. Sykes said. “For me, debate is about the students I have taught and mentored in my career.  My goal is to teach our students how to participate in civilized discourse, while encouraging them to grow and thrive as speakers and future leaders.” 

The CHS Debate team currently is ranked among the best in the state and in the nation. CHS Debate students consistently achieve at the top levels in local, regional, state and national  virtual tournaments. 

“Dr. Sykes is a role model as he leads, teaches and contributes to the community of debate at CHS, the state of Texas and beyond,” said CHS Associate Principal Melissa Arnold. 

Dr. Sykes was officially inducted into the Texas Forensic Association Hall of Fame during the group’s annual convention Oct. 8. Learn more about the Texas Forensic Association at www.txfa.org.