North Cougars4Change Recycling Program

North Recycling1 CMS North Cougars4Change students are implementing a recycling program at the school. Thanks to a grant from the CMS North PTO, the group has 8 “Recycling Stations” around the school specifically for bottles and cans, and every classroom in the building has a small recycling bin. Each bin has a QR code that students can use to track how much they recycle to enter raffles and contests for prizes.

Under the leadership of CMS North Science Teacher Lisa Walsh, Cougars4Change learners  are also working on developing programs to implement with distance learners to engage them in the recycling process.

“In addition, we are posting information around the school to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and are organizing a large celebration through science classes for National Recycling Day, which is November 15,” she says. 

So far, the group has collected 4,520 pounds of recyclable materials.

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