Coppell Debaters Achieve at National Tournaments

Several members of the CHS Debate Team have achieved top placement at recent virtual national and local tournaments. 

CHS Debate Team member Senior Arnav Kashyap was the top speaker for Varsity CX Debate and the virtual University of Michigan Tournament held Nov. 7-9. Seniors Shabbir Bohri and Sahil Chiniwala took 2nd Place in the Public Forum Debate at the tournament. 

CHS Senior Arnav Kashyap and Junio Ananya Chintalapudi won the CX Division at the Meadows Tournament held virtually in Las Vegas Oct. 30-Nov. 1. 

CHS Junior Natasha Banga was in the quarterfinals of extemporaneous speaking at Florida's prestigious Blue Key Invitational Tournament, which was held virtually Oct. 30-Nov. 1. 

In addition, the team had several members place in the top 10 at the Debate Tournament held virtually at the University of North Texas Oct. 23-24. The finishes were:

  • Original Oratory: Junior Dia Atluri, 1st Place
  • Original Oratory: Senior Prerna Singh, 7th Place
  • Dramatic Interpretation: Senior Divya Ravindra, 5th Place
  • Congressional Debate: Junior Agnus Thomas, Finalist
  • Congressional Debate: Ninth Grader Akshita Krishnan, Finalist
  • Congressional Debate: Ninth Grader Nidhi Ilanthalaivan, Finalist
  • Varsity LD Debate: Sophomore Emmanuel Roy, Semifinals, 9th Speaker
  • Varsity LD Debate: Sophomore Siya Sangani, Quarterfinals, 4th Speaker
  • Public Forum Debate: Junior Ankur Sikder/ Junior Jaanvi Shah, 2nd Place, 2nd/3rd Speakers
  • Varsity LD Debate: Sophomore Vansh Nanda, 10th Speaker
  • Novice CX Debate: Ninth Grader Lakshmi Upreti/Ninth Grader Kristen Remidez, Semifinals
  • Novice CX Debate: Ninth Grader Advay Vyas/Ninth Grader Prady Kandi, Quarterfinals
  • Novice LD Debate: Ninth Grader Kavya Mandalapu, Semifinals, Top Speaker
  • Novice LD Debate: Ninth Grader Elise Howe, Semifinals, 3rd Speaker
  • Novice LD Debate: Nith Grader Corbin Sykes, Quarterfinals, 10th Speaker
  • Novice LD Debate: Ninth Grader Nivedh Poreddy, 5th Speaker