Spotlight on Authentic Relationships: Lakeside Crossing Guard Cindy McClure

Cindy McClureLakeside Elementary Crossing Guard Cindy McClure is known for putting the safety of the kids and families she serves first. She also is known for the goody bags she hands out on holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. 

“It is fun seeing the students’ faces light up when I give them small gifts around the holidays,” McClure said. “I want the kids to know that I care for them, and that I am here for them.”

The relationships McClure has with kids and families is one of the reasons she enjoys being a crossing guard. 

“I am just having a ball,” she said. “I know all of my kids' names and the parents are very supportive.”

McClure, who has lived in Coppell for 25 years and is retired, became a crossing guard more than two years ago to give back to her community. 

“Schools need as much help as they can get to protect their kids,” McClure said.“It is important that students and families know that someone is there is watching out for their kids, Being a crossing guard was an opportunity for me to give back to my community. I am in good health and good shape, so I can give two hours a day to serve our kids.” 

The Lakeside Elementary community has also given back to McClure. On really cold days, parents bring her hot chocolate. She also receives messages of gratitude each day. 

“We have become like a family,” she said. 

McClure’s commitment to safety and her positive attitude has made the community surrounding Lakeside Elementary take notice. She recently received a Coppell ISD Education Foundation Super Star Award after being nominated by someone who drives by her every day and does not have students in school. 

“This community member said that she appreciated my commitment to the safety of the kids, and she appreciated how I wave to the drivers each and every day,” McClure said. “I am attentive to the kids and they are my focus, I do try to be friendly to the drivers.” 

McClure wants the CISD community to know how important crossing guards are. 

“I think it is important we recognize this is an important role and helps keeps kids safe,” she said. “Sometimes traffic gets pretty crazy and drivers aren’t always paying attention to the children who are walking to school. I would throw myself out there to protect a kid. People don’t realize that this job is dangerous. It is hard to find people to do it, but it is so important.”

McClure added, “ I just love what I am doing, and I love those kids. I have fun every day.”  

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