Spotlight on Redefining Success: New Tech Sophomore Luke Feuer

Photo of Luke Feuer


Service and leadership go hand in hand for Luke Feuer, a sophomore at New Tech High @ Coppell.  Feuer incorporated this mindset into his Eagle Scout project last fall, which resulted in delivering hundreds of bags of needed items and a resource directory to the homeless in downtown Dallas. 


“I knew I wanted to do something to help people in need as part of my Eagle project,” Feuer said. “In addition to donations, I also distributed a directory to help homeless people access the services they need.”


The booklet directory Feuer helped distribute was produced by the OurCalling homeless service organization. The directory included addresses and maps of where the homeless could receive shelter, food, medical care, COVID-19 updates and more. 


“I know I made a difference and it made me feel good to help people,” Feuer says of distributing the booklets.”


In addition to fostering a commitment to service, Feuer says being a scout has helped him develop leadership skills. He has received badges in finger printing, aviation and ice skating, which was his first badge. 


“Scouts is more than camping,” he said. “It’s helping me grow as a person and as a leader.” 


Being a student at New Tech also is helping Feuer expand his leadership skills. He describes New Tech as a place for someone who likes to ask the question, “why?”


“I have always been the type of person who asks ‘why and how come and how so?’ and New Tech fits this mindset,” Feuer said. “I love how they teach here.”


He describes the school as one big family, as he has helped a senior with a capstone project, serves as a networking leader, and works on special projects and fun activities during Flex Fridays. 


Feuer would like to join the U.S. Marines after he graduates and eventually work for the FBI. He also has a dream to start a non-profit organization called Kelsey’s Crossing. 


“Our dog, Kelsey, is a great swimmer, and I realized that dogs could help people swim,” he said. “My dream is to start a non-profit that would help those who are disabled swim by having dogs pull them around the pool so they could enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming.” 


With his service and leadership experience in the scouts and at New Tech, Feuer is well on his way to making his dreams come true.