Message from the Superintendent Regarding Video Being Shared on Social Media

May 15, 2022

Dear CISD Family, 

Coppell ISD is aware of a video circulating on social media showing an incident at Coppell Middle School North involving a physical altercation between two students. Bullying, both verbal and physical, as well as physical acts of aggression are never acceptable and do not align with who we are at CISD and our core values.  

Because of student privacy laws and this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot share any further specifics on this situation or student discipline matters. What we can say is that this incident is being investigated and addressed by the school and the district according to the CISD Student Code of Conduct. We have policies and procedures in place that we are following. We also adhere to the state’s anti-bullying laws in our investigations, as well as work with our School Resource Officers and local police department when necessary. This process deserves the necessary time it takes to be thorough and accurate for all parties involved. 

We need to work together to help our children treat each other with kindness, empathy and respect. How we as adults talk and act, especially on social media, matters. Our children learn from us and model the behavior they see. Threats against the district, schools, staff, children and parents on social media and via email are part of the problem, not the solution.

We all want the best for our children, and we want them to be safe at school. We never want to see anyone experience physical harm or bullying, either verbally or physically. It is our priority to protect and keep our students safe. It is also our job to help our students learn to have appropriate interpersonal interactions with their peers. Students are asked to seek the help of an adult whenever they are in a situation they feel they are not able to handle on their own. Students and parents can also use “Stop it” to report any incidents of bullying. Details are available at

With two weeks left of this school year, our goal is to finish the year on a positive note, and I know by working together as a community, we can achieve this goal.


Dr. Brad Hunt