CISD Seeks Input Regarding Current and Potential Programs

Coppell ISD is currently in a Visioning Process to determine the future wants and needs for our school district. In April, CISD held community forums both in-person and virtual allowing parents, staff, students and community members to share their input on the future of CISD. The Visioning Process is a continuation of the district’s Strategic Design work and is helping outline the vision of CISD for the next five to ten years and beyond. The Strategic Design process defined the district and led to the development of the core values of redefining success, great teaching, authentic relationships and collective engagement. The Visioning process builds upon this work, and the work of the 2019-2020 Facilities Committee, to help CISD plan for the future. 

The Visioning Forums focused on 12 priority areas. Additionally, participants offered additional areas for consideration. Therefore, CISD is seeking specific input through a survey on those areas including current and potential programs in CISD.

In June, all parents of Coppell ISD students are encouraged to complete a Parent Survey to share preferences about programs offered with your child’s school. The research team at Gibson Consulting Group, Inc. (Gibson) is conducting the survey on behalf of Coppell ISD. 

The findings from this survey will be used in making decisions through the Visioning Process and any future potential bond programs. 

Gibson will send emails with survey invitations and reminders with a link to the online survey starting in June. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Responses are confidential and Gibson will only provide summary data only to Coppell ISD.  

Gibson Consulting Group, Inc. is a research firm that works exclusively in the education sector. They have worked with over 250 school systems in the past 22 years nationwide, conducting rigorous research and delivering high-quality assistance to advance K-12 education at the state, regional and district levels.  

Gibson is committed to protecting the confidentiality of survey responses. Only the research team employed by Gibson will have access to your individual responses. Below we detail some of the ways in which we protect your confidential information. 
Survey Administration: 
Parents will complete their survey using a link emailed to their email on file. Surveys can be completed on a computer or mobile device. While Gibson will use your email address to contact you, your email address will be dropped from the analytic file. In addition, Coppell ISD will not receive the actual data file, only reports of aggregate-level results. 
Data Analysis: 
All survey data collected by Gibson will be stored on a secure, password protected server with multi-factor authentication and where files are encrypted at rest. Only the Gibson research team will have access to the data. Any personal contact information or identification information used to contact parents will be deleted from analytic data files at the beginning of the data analysis process. Neither Gibson nor CISD will use survey data to try to identify respondents. 
Gibson's research team is trained in protecting the confidentiality and identifiability of respondents when reporting results. Gibson will not present results for groups so small as to be reasonably inferred who the respondents are. Results such as these will NOT be created, presented, or shared. 
The Gibson team is contractually obligated to be in compliance with the following language in our Data Sharing Agreement with CISD: “Gibson assures that in all reports, electronic or otherwise, derived from information made available under this agreement, all data shall be aggregated in such a way that no individual will be identified directly or by deduction.” 
Sharing Data with Third parties: 
Gibson will not sell or otherwise share parent or student information with any third party. Data files will only be maintained for the time period required to allow for Gibson to answer additional questions and verify the veracity of the results if any questions arise. Once these needs are met, or at the request of CISD at any time, Gibson will destroy the data related to the project.  


If you have any further questions, please contact Gibson at (512) 685-2697 or contact You may also reach out to