New Tech Students Recognized by Dallas Holocaust Museum

New Tech FreshmenThree New Tech High @ Coppell freshman were selected for recognition by the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum's Every Child Has a Name Legacy Project.

Photo of Alisha Oberoi

Under the direction of Social Studies Teacher Danae Boyd, New Tech High @ Coppell freshmen Blake Conoley and Benjamin Hall were chosen as Honorees, and freshman Alisha Oberoi was selected for Honorable Mention recognition as part of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum's Every Child Has a Name Legacy Project. The project remembers and honors the 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust, through research and creative thought.

Conoley knitted a scarf, Hall wrote a song and Oberoi submitted a drawing and diary entry for this project. 

Conoley said, “I chose Belina Cohen because I was inspired by her unique story and her bravery through everything she went through. This scarf, which took me about a week and a half, is a timeline of Belina Cohen's life with 8 different colors that represent 8 major events in her life.”

Hall said, “I chose Jehuda Majer Halle because of his similar last name to me and because of his story. He had to go to one of the worst concentration camps in history. He was separated from his family before he was even old enough to make choices for himself. He was beaten, abused, and treated like dirt just because he wanted to worship his religion, so I wanted to honor his struggles through this project and make sure that he is never forgotten. Because once we forget, then those people who committed those crimes, win.”

Oberoi said, “I chose Rutka Laskier because she seemed to have an extremely unique life. After doing some research, I found out that she held a diary. She talked about whatever remnants she had of what her life was before. I realized that our personalities were quite similar, and it was neat to see one of the thoughts I've had in general in writing, especially in the diary of a girl who lived years before me.”