DECA Prepares Students for Business Career Success

CHS DECA StudentsBy CHS Senior Dilan Patel, an intern for the CISD Communications and Community Engagement Department. Patel is serving District 11 DECA President for the 2022-2023 school year and is the first district president from CHS.  

DECA is defined as a unit of measurement involving the number 10. For Coppell High School and high schools across the world, DECA is the name of the international business organization for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. 

With 50 traditional events to choose from, students can compete at the district, state and international level, engaging with students from around the world. Through specialization options in the clusters of marketing, hospitality and tourism, finance, and business management and administration, DECA allows students to gain experience with workplace scenarios and environments, using 21st century skills and entrepreneurship to come up with solutions quickly, communicate them effectively, and show off their creativity. 

Whether it be a role play event, where students must take a 100 question exam and take part in a given scenario, or a written event where students can write up to 20 pages of required material and present, DECA is a Career and Technical Education or CTE program that allows its members to understand how the real world works and the soft skills needed to be successful in any career field. 

This year, CISD DECA made district history with the highest number of students competing at all levels of competition compared to previous years. Despite being restricted from in person competition last year due to COVID-19, CISD students were ready to maximize their learning experience with more than 200 members at the Coppell High School chapter alone. 

The journey to the internationals in Atlanta started with the district competition, where a large number of CISD DECA students advanced to the state level. Not only do students compete, but they also have an opportunity to lead regions or states of DECA, with CHS senior Dilan Patel becoming District 11 President for the 2022-2023 school year, the first district president from CHS.  

After district comes the state competition, which was held in Houston. During this time, DECA students were brimming with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming competition. Little did they know that the February 2022 winter storm may jeopardize their ability to leave Coppell. With perseverance and improving weather on their side, CISD DECA was cleared to drive to Houston and compete. CISD DECA broke previous records set with over 47 competitors qualifying for internationals and even more state finalists. 

ICDC, otherwise known as the International Career Development Conference, was held in Atlanta. Along with the competition, students participated in social events, tourist attractions, leadership conferences and  more. At this  highest level of competition, CHS DECA came back home with four finalists, two of which were top 10 in their events, respectively, and multiple students recognized for their scores.

All in all, CHS students showed what it means to have Cowboy GRIT, Fish philosophy, and most importantly, perseverance, to redefine success and make history for Coppell ISD. 

DECA provides students with an opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and experience applicable in any career field while creating memorable experiences. 

“DECA has been an amazing organization to be a part of, and I’ve made so many connections and have grown confidence in myself,” said CHS Senior Aryan Shah. “I am so thankful that Coppell ISD allows students to take initiative in career based learning.”