Spotlight on Authentic Relationships: CMS East Students “Dig” Up Support for Volleyball

East StudentsA band of seventh-grade boys had the crowd buzzing with excitement during Middle School East’s seventh-grade girls’ volleyball games against Trinity Springs on Sept. 22. The students, clad in college t-shirts, hats, shorts, sunglasses, and whistles, “scouted” out the talent in each of the three games. 

After each point, the “scouts” scribbled in their notebooks or acted as if they were making calls. According to Victoria Roberts, a coach and teacher at CMS East, the activity was started by the students themselves.

“It kept everyone engaged in the game,” Roberts saud. “It makes me very proud and happy to see students making an effort to come out and support their peers. We teach our students and athletes to live by the FISH philosophy and being there for others is a huge part of that.”

The FISH philosophy is be there for one another, make someone's day, choose your attitude and play.