Spotlight on Great Teaching: Wilson Rangers Got Rhythm and Bass

Wilson Second GradeWilson Elementary students drummed to the beat and mastered the bass clef, as they practiced rhythmic structure and sight reading during music class this week. Second graders kept rhythm to the tune of the Angry Birds theme song, maintaining the bass line rhythm with one hand and adding in additional beats with the other. The activity helped the budding musicians learn to multitask and create connections between fun games and music education.

Wilson Fifth Grade“It is a great way for them to read two rhythms simultaneously and get both sides of their brains firing by working through rhythmic dictations,” said Wilson Music Teacher Eric Hanson.

Meanwhile, fifth grade students honed their musical notation sight reading skills. Divided into teams, students took turns identifying the notes of the bass clef in a lighting-round style game that reinforced cooperation and camaraderie, says Hanson.