Brief Lockout at Coppell High School Today (Oct. 26) Due to Police Investigation in the Area

October 26, 2022

Dear Coppell High School Community,

Coppell High School was in Lockout today (Oct. 26) for about 20 minutes due to the Coppell Police Department investigating an incident in the area. There was no imminent danger to CHS students and staff. However, the Coppell Police Department placed the campus in a brief Lockout in an abundance of caution. 

Remember, during a Lockout, we bring all of our students, staff and visitors inside our school, continue with normal activities and don’t allow anyone to enter the facility during the time of the Lockout. 

Our students and staff do a wonderful job responding to the safety protocols we have established and drilled, as outlined in the national Standard Response Protocol, which is available at Our goal during situations such as today is to maintain a secure school and a calm environment for all of our students and staff. 

We should all be extremely proud of how CHS students and staff, and the Coppell Police Department responded to today’s situation.

Laura Springer