CMS West Student Approached by Stranger

Dear CMS West, Canyon Ranch  Richard J. Lee Families, 


We want you to be aware that the Irving Police Department and our School Resource Deputies are  investigating a situation that occurred near the Bridges neighborhood in Irving this morning. CMS West administrators were made aware that this morning (Jan. 13) at approximately 7:15 a.m. before school, a female CMS West student was standing at her bus stop and was approached by a male on foot.  She said the unknown man told her that he had money in his car and told her to come with him.  This student ran away in the opposite direction toward her home, was able to escape the situation and she is safe.  She describes the man as an African-American male in jeans and a black jacket.  She reported the incident to CMS West officials when she arrived at school.  CMS West staff were able to work with the student to report the incident to law enforcement personnel. 


While law enforcement personnel investigate this incident, we assure you that CMS West, Canyon Ranch and Richard J. Lee administrators are working closely with our staff, our School Resource Deputies and the Irving Police Department to ensure our students remain safe. There will be extra police presence in the Bridges area in which this incident occurred this afternoon and during before school hours for the next few days. 


Parents and guardians, you also may want to remind your children about basic safety precautions when it comes to strangers. It is always a good idea to avoid walking alone, and children should never go with or get into the vehicle of someone they don’t know. If approached or asked to get into a vehicle by a stranger, children should run away in the opposite direction the vehicle is facing and immediately tell a trusted adult. We commend this CMS West student for following this protocol this morning. 


There are a number of good resources online for parents wanting to talk with their children about stranger safety. One such resource can be found at:


Please know that we are committed to working with our families and law enforcement to ensure the safety of our children. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Sarah Thornton

Principal, CMS West


Ashley Minton

Principal, Canyon Ranch Elementary


Chantel Kastrounis

Principal, Richard J. Lee Elementary