CISD Coronavirus March 12, 2020 Update

Dear Coppell ISD Families,

Although it is Spring Break, I feel it is important to share that many CISD employees are working diligently to communicate and collaborate with local and national health officials, as well as our education colleagues across the state, concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We also continue to monitor the news coverage of this rapidly evolving global pandemic. 

Coppell ISD is joining other public school districts in working with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), our health experts and government officials.  We also continue to work on alternative methods of delivering our curriculum, should that become necessary. 

We must continue to rely on the facts and guidance provided to us by our health experts, remain calm and be models for our children.

I assure you that many of our district officials are working around the clock during Spring Break to assess and evaluate this situation and make decisions that are in the best interest of our children and the CISD community. Meanwhile, your individual email questions and messages may not get answered immediately, so we can put our full attention on the decisions at hand.

In times of crisis such as this one, it is important for us to continue to be kind to one another and allow for grace, as we deal with a rapidly changing situation.  I appreciate our community’s understanding concerning the glitch in our parent and staff notification system last Friday, which caused the text message alert to be sent multiple times.  For those of you who may have unsubscribed from the text alerts, to resubscribe you can reply “subscribe” to the message or email with your name to be added back to the text list. 

As always, I thank you for your understanding and support. My team and I take our charge to educate and care for our children as a top priority and remain dedicated to that task. 

We will share more details with our community by tomorrow afternoon. We will update our website daily and will share email updates with our community on a regular basis.


Dr. Brad Hunt