Community Partner Spotlight — Grow It Land Designs

Don Flesher, co-owner of Grow It Land Designs, has been both the soil and soul of the class gardens at Denton Creek Elementary for six years. Last week, Flesher and his crew were able to provide some sunshine to students when they donated time and equipment to help the Denton Creek school gardens thrive after February’s extreme winter weather. 

“Don and his team are amazing partners for Denton Creek,” Principal Shannon Edwards said. “The week we returned from the winter weather closure, he and his team were out at our school with equipment to help our gardens recover so they would be ready for the spring.”

Flesher said, “I have the same crew with me for the last six years, and we wanted to get the kids excited about the garden and provide some joy after a bleak week. The look of delight on the students faces was like they had just received a gift.”

Flesher, who says he wears his enthusiasm on his sleeve, gives back because of the happiness that he and his team experiences working the gardens and with the learners. 

“We say gardening is a form of therapy, and this is true for me, my crew and the Denton Creek kids. It also helps them learn, and I am so excited to be a part of that and give back to my community,” he said. “We plant the seeds in the gardens and with the kids and it is a joy to watch them both grow.”

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