Cougars4Change Finalist in National Recycling Contest

National Recycling Contest A service-learning class at CMS North called Cougars4Change is one of seven finalists in the national Design Bins, Doors, or Bulletin Boards Contest contest sponsored by PepsiCo Recycling.

Students in the class designed and created “The Earth is in Our Hands” bulletin board out of recycled bottle caps to promote recycling at CMS North.

“One of our accomplishments this year has been the successful implementation of a recycling program,” said Lisa Walsh, a seventh-grade science teacher at CMS North who teaches the Cougars4Change class. “The development of this bulletin board was a team effort and a testament to the passion and creativity of the students in this class.”

The class entered the project in the PepsiCo Recycling Contest, and they were informed this week that they are one of seven finalists in the nation. A social media vote will determine the winner of the contest.

PepsiCo Recycling will be posting a photo of the CMS North submission within an album on its Facebook page at for voting to start at 11 a.m. April 12 and ending at 6 p.m. April 16. Each Facebook “like” or “love” on the CMS North photo will count as one vote to help Cougars4Change win the contest. 

“I hope our community will consider supporting us in this effort,” Walsh said. 

Winners of the contest will win $2,500 to support recycling initiatives in their school. As a finalist, CMS North will receive a minimum of $300. 

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